Growth Hacking or Internet Marketing?

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When asked about your profession, introducing yourself as a ‘growth hacker’ usually incur some rolled eyes, it’s a term that sounds a little, well, pretentious – and deliberately vague.
In fact, you’re unlikely to find a definitive definition for what growth hacking is. Sean Ellis (who originally coined the term) describes it as “a person whose true north is growth” but it’s also defined as “combining engineering, designing and marketing simultaneously in order to find optimal product-market fit” or as wrapping “messaging into the fabric of the lives and thoughts of users” – alongside a host of other definitions. Regardless - learn from the Professional. Check my twitter account, Ralph Ehlers with more than 25,000 happy followers.

Let's be very clear about what I offer. I don't sell you a 'marketing course' with lots of 'fillers' you don't need - or an outdated Google Adwords campaign guide. You get useful, up-to-date information about growing your business on the Internet. With examples, links and real-time, one-2-one marketing session with me. 


How Big Is Growth Hacking?

However you define the term, what’s clear is that the principles of growth hacking are extremely effective. A number of giants from Dropbox to Twitter swear by growth hacking as the key to scaling up from zero to millions or hundreds of millions of users in just a few years.
There are nearly 3.5 Mill businesses in the US (350k in UK) digital economy – and this number continues to rise. What’s more, a decent percentage of these firms are looking to scale-up fast – and growth hackers are being hailed by a growing number of start-ups as key to achieving this. In fact, I used this strategy in my last venture, Check-A-Contract (now known as tactlaw.com). Further projects were/are Yacht Computing Service, Legal in a Box UK and Prediction Invest.

I know it sounds quite extreme and quite far fetched to even think your business could grow to thousands of views per day, but there are certain marketing techniques successful companies use to grow their business. It is all revealed in my book – with step by step, easy to understand instructions, help on hand – with lots of examples. Furthermore, by buying my book, you qualify for a 1/2 hour free consultation, worth $150 via Skype or any other Internet media.

Growth Hacking Made Easy

Starting a business is one thing but growing it is another. There are certain marketing techniques successful companies use to grow their business.

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