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My background includes over 25 years of success managing International programs, top-ranked regions and Fortune 500 accounts. I have been in positions with full responsibility for strategic direction and proactive management of the businesses, one of them founding/creating the largest information technology insurance portals in the world, listed in the 100 fastest growing companies in the UK.

In 2012 I started Check-A-Contract LLC, a portal connection between lawyers and clients, based on on easy to understand process for the client – overall saving up to 90% on legal fees – without upsetting the professional, legal community. Using growth hacking techniques, I was able to grow the business to a substantial size. Prior I started InsureCom – now known as Applied Systems. Fundamental in building the brand of  Ringdale (part of Network-Technology Plc where I served as the CEO) dating back to the early 1990’s…

Whilst involved in all sorts of investments, charities and entrepreneurial activities, I always keep a close eye on marketing – especially on social marketing. My twitter site can be found as TheRalphEhlers, Facebook sites are Growth Hacking Made Easy and – or Ralph Ehlers, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

I use all sorts of marketing tools, Hootsuite, SocialBro, Scoop.it and Buffer to automate processes (for example). I use the principles of growth hacking for more than 15 years. I wrote a couple of articles and books, lately ‘Growth Hacking Made Easy’ and ‘Internet Marketing Survival Guide’.

The purpose of this website is to make available 25+ years of Internet Marketing – well – today called  “Growth Hacking” to the next generation of Internet business entrepreneurs. If you have any specific requirements or want to discuss business opportunities with me, please use the form below.

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